Sharing Love and Memories: The Story of The Emerald and Miladay Jewels

In the heart of Antipolo, where the sun kisses the horizon and the skyline of Metro Manila twinkles in the distance, there lies a stunning gem—a place where love triumphs and memories are made. This is the story of The Emerald, a special place born from the dreams and cherished moments of the Dayrit family, founders of the iconic Miladay Jewels.

It all began decades ago, when Mila and Ting Dayrit stumbled upon a piece of paradise nestled atop a lush hillside. Enchanted by the breathtaking view, they knew they had found something truly special. It was there that Ting built his dream vacation home for his family which soon became a haven—a place where laughter echoed through the walls and love permeated the air.

As the years passed and the Dayrit children grew, the visits to their beloved vacation home became less frequent. Yet, the memories created there remained in their hearts, a testament to the joy and happiness that had once filled the space.

One day, inspiration struck Ting and Mila’s only son, Mark Dayrit. He realized this slice of paradise was meant to be shared with the world. And so, The Emerald was born—a place where others could experience the same magic that had captivated the Dayrit family for generations.

With meticulous care and planning, the Dayrits transformed their cherished retreat into a breathtaking venue unlike any other. The reception hall, adorned with bespoke creations by renowned wood artist Benji Reyes, radiates warmth and elegance. The landscaped gardens, bursting with vibrant blooms and lush foliage, provides the perfect backdrop for love to blossom and memories to be made. And the infinity pool, perched on the edge of a cliff, offers a panoramic view with the best sunsets that are sure to take your breath away.

Named in honor of its lush surroundings and the visionary founders of Miladay Jewels, The Emerald is a beacon of love and beauty—a place where priceless memories are made.

At their core, The Emerald and Miladay Jewels share a common mission—to spread love. Whether through fine jewelry or enchanting events, both are dedicated to creating captivating stories and memories that will last forever.

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